VAV Display Their Mature and Sexy Side in ‘Senorita’ MV

In the year 2018, VAV have been busy touring and actively visiting their fans all around the world from United States, Brazil, Japan, Thailand and 10 others countries. Entering Fall 2018, the boys have finally made their comeback with new track, ‘Senorita’ by transforming into sexy and passionate men.

VAV’s 5th Digital Single ‘Senorita’ is actually a Korean rendition version of the mega hit track with the same title, named ‘Senorita’. The song is originally by the famous German artist, Kay One featuring Pietro Lombardi. Kay One’s original version of ‘Senorita’ was released back in September 2017, gaining 106M views on YouTube and also achieving 400K album sales in Germany, winning Gold & Platinum Records.

‘Senorita’ is a track that begins with an addictive guitar intro, intertwining a Latin melody with a hip hop beat. Members Ayno and Lou also contributed in creating the raps within the song. The production of VAV’s rendition of ‘Senorita’ involved both the original producer Stard Ova and K-POP Hit Song maker Ryan Jhun, which shows why the song is of such a high standard.

VAV 'Senorita' 2018 MV
The visuals in this MV are outstanding.


VAV’s ‘Senorita’ tells the story of 7 men who are starting their love-searching journey. In this song, VAV transforms into a more mature and sexy style. They successfully demonstrated the emotion and glare of passion, which shows in lyrics such as, ‘’It’s decided that I only belong to you”. Inside the ‘Senorita’ Music Video, the boys also expressed their passionate love below the hot sun, added with colourful South American look-a-like plots. A powerful dance choreography is also added in VAV’s rendition of ‘Senorita’.

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 6.04.19 am
VAV Produce Their Best Work with ‘Senorita’.

VAV’s Korean remake version of Kay One’s hit track ‘Senorita’ is like a collaboration of the Latin-POP with K-POP. It is undoubtedly one of the best songs of 2018. We’re certain fans will resonate with their new concept and lyrics.




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